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Due to the overwhelming response to our GROUPON we have been unable to keep up with the calls.


Please be patient, and if you are not able to get through on or if the maibox is full, please text us at 239-745-0110

Call us at

704 912-5400

if you are redeeming your GROUPON, please remember that advance reservations are required.


All Groupon rentals are for pleasure use only-no fishing permitted.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Cancellations more than 72 hours in advance of rental-no charge. 48-72 hours prior 25% of rental cost. 24-48 hours prior 50% of rental cost. Less than 24 hours full rental cost is due. This applies to boat rentals only. Cancellations on all others are subject to full payment, regardless of time.

No refunds for reservations made for Holidays or Holiday weekends.